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What to do when your child is talking suicide!

One of the scariest crisis’s a parent can be faced with is when a teenager attempts, threatens, talk about, or seems to be contemplating suicide. It is vital that you know what to do and when to do it.

First off, do not be timid about making a boundary regarding the threat of suicide. What that looks like is "I love you and if you are suicidal I will either take you to the emergency room myself or I will call the police department for help.” Do not doubt yourself or worry about whether or not the threat is a real threat or a call for attention. Please let a professional make that determination. Believe them, believe their friends if they are who brought the issue to you, and believe school staff if that is how you came to find out.

Second, once in the emergency room and psychiatric evaluator will assess and determine the actual threat of the suicidal ideation. If it is deemed necessary your child will be taken to a hospital for an overnight stay for as long as it takes to help the child to a safe state of mind.

Third, get help immediately following the hospitalization. Contact a therapist while your child is still in the hospital and set an appointment for the same day of the release from the hospital or as close to that day as possible

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