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The Therapeutic Relationship

When you need advice, want to grow as a person, or desire the presence of someone to listen to you without judgment, and you want to maintain that privacy, where do you go? Do your parents and friends have your best interests in mind? Sure, maybe. But they are not able to encapsulate the person that I described, because they are not your therapist. They know you well, have opinions about what you should do, maybe even who you should marry. Should you trust, and actually follow their advice? Can they guarantee the same type of confidentiality, and be sued and lose everything they worked so hard for by merely slipping up with your secrets?

There are many types of therapy, solution-focused, psychodynamic, CBT, etc. But the major factor when it comes to growth and symptom reduction in the therapeutic relationship, and there is a unanimous consensus among all of the models of psychotherapy. This seems patently and intuitively true. It makes sense that you would let down your guard, admit when you are wrong, and be transparent if it is with someone that you have a good relationship with and respect. Human beings are neurologically wired for social connection, and this connection is necessary in order to have good self-esteem and flourish as a person. This is true for newborns, and it is true for adults. Unlike friends or parents who often tell you what to do, even if it is framed as wanting the best for you, relational therapists tend to explore and collaborate with their clients. They want you to come up with the best solution for you. They are not biased about your life choices and do not have an agenda for your life, other than to make it better. That is why therapists are not permitted to have dual relationships with clients, to avoid clouding their judgment regarding what is best for the client.

Whether it comes to parenting, self-destructive behavior, anger, body image issues, taking steps to procrastinate less, or becoming a better person, this dynamic relationship, and thus the personal progress you can experience by doing the work together, is unparalleled by anyone or anything else in this world.

If you physically injure yourself, seek help from a medical doctor, even if via Zoom. Do not go to your friends or family members; it will not heal properly. Similarly, let us be the ones to help you heal or improve anything emotional/relational/psychological in your life, even if you prefer it to be via zoom. We want to help you, and only we can provide the ideal atmosphere and type of relationship which will ensure your progress toward sustaining liberty and true contentment, as opposed to the fleeting reprieve you experience from your unhealthy coping mechanisms.


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