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Inspiring families to find the hope and happiness they deserve.

Help for teens, parents, families, couples, and individuals!

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Our Mission

Our mission at Inspired Resolutions is to provide effective resources to families in the community struggling with the transitions and changes that come along with having teenagers.  

We are dedicated to providing interventions, resources, and counseling that is up to date, relevant, and effective. We respond to the community’s needs.  We are the foremost experts in helping your family find happiness.

About Us 

Inspired Resolutions began in 2016 in response to the great need for more effective services specifically for families raising teenagers.  Today we are faced with more complicated problems and solutions than ever before.  Families and teens are exposed to and having to cope with issues that we could not have imagined even 10 years ago.  The culture, struggles, and pressures change quickly and dramatically for families with teens.  Our therapists are experts in helping with the difficulties brought about when raising teens.  We have joined with community organizations like the With Hope Foundation (dedicated to educating about teen suicide), local schools, and the local teen courts to provide help to families with teens.  

We not only provide paid services such as individual, family, and couples therapy but also believe that it is our responsibility to provide free services to the community.  Our therapists are always willing to educate groups in the community and we provide free support groups such as "Hope for Parents With Difficult Teens."  

Hope for parents with struggling teens

Hope for parents with struggling teens

Hope for parents with struggling teens
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Holding Your Child For The Firt Time

Holding Your Child For The Firt Time

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Being a Safe Parent

Being a Safe Parent

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Meet The Team


Brandon Joffe, LCSW


Owner, Therapist, Supervisor 
     As the founder of Inspired Resolutions my goal is to provide more effective and consistent services for teens, families, and marriages.  Over 18 years ago I began as an addiction counselor at the Substance Abuse Foundation.  Realizing how addiction and substance abuse was plaguing our youth I joined with "Shields for Families" working with the middle and high school population in Compton.  I had the opportunity to work with entire families struggling with incredibly difficult circumstances through the school and in their homes.  In 2007 I became a Drug Court therapist for the Central Justice Center providing individual and group therapy in court on a collaborative team including Probation, a Central Judge, a D.A assistant, a Public Defender, and other legal staff. In 2010 I entered into private practice and became a part of the group CIFT.  As a therapist with CIFT I joined with the local churches and schools in the Brea, Anaheim Hills, and Placentia communities working to help adolescents and their parents struggling in today's difficult environment. 
     I am one of the few therapists that has integrated my passion, experience, and understanding of mental health with my passion for nutrition and physical health. My dedication and integration of fitness and nutrition allows clients to identify more complete mental health and life goals. I have found that clients are most successful when they integrate mental, physical, and spiritual aspects to therapy.  
     With Inspired Resolutions I am dedicated to finding the most effective strategies in helping families and setting teens up for success.  I am currently proud to be a part of the With Hope Foundation, a non-profit committed to teaching and understanding teen suicide in schools.  I have also partnered with Servite High School in helping any of their students who are struggling with school, family, or social situations.  

 Brittany Johns, LMFT

714-243-5252 ex: 102

Supervisor, Therapist

Having started out with a career in family law, I have built my clinical career around giving hope to broken families. In helping family’s with struggling teens I am the Inspired Resolutions specialist in helping the younger children who are often affected by the teen’s issue in the home. I have had the unique experience
consulting with elementary, middle and high school’s giving me important insight into helping families navigate their children’s school system. As a Drug Court therapist, I have also become experienced in navigating mental health in the legal system that has lead me to work with children and teens of adopted and
foster care families. In joining with our local community I have dedicated my Monday nights from 8-9 pm providing a free group for young women.


Natalie Atkinson, Registered Associate PPC
under supervision

714-243-5252 ex: 107

     I received my Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University. I began my career at Straight Talk Counseling, where I was able to gain the knowledge and experience necessary for working with today's youths.  My passion for working with individuals, teens, families, and couples led me to seek to become a member of the Inspired Resolutions team.  In addition to working with youths, I am experienced in working with relationship trauma and I co-facilitate a women's group addressing those issues.  
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Zack Collie, Registered Associate MFT
under supervision

714-243-5252 ex: 109


I received my Master of Science in Counseling with an emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy at Cal State University, Fullerton. I started my career at Outreach Concerns working in the school systems and with today's youths. My love for gaming and martial arts has helped me to connect with teens and develop a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship. Having gone through a traumatic life-changing injury at a young age, I developed a passion for inspiring and helping others to overcome their struggles and become the best versions of themselves. I integrate my own experiences with trauma, grief, anger, and hopelessness to connect with my clients and promote healing and growth.


My name is David, and I earned an M.A. in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Azusa Pacific University. During my clinical training at a local university counseling center, I provided treatment to students facing a wide variety of mental health challenges. From there I moved my area of focus to substance abuse treatment, where I provide individual psychotherapy and lead group therapy for adults at a residential facility.


I practice therapy from an attachment and psychodynamic orientation, while also using interventions widely used in modalities of DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) and CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.) I am passionate about providing genuine, person-centered psychotherapy to individuals, couples, and families. I look forward to working with you

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David Lappin, Registered Associate MFT
under supervision

714-243-5252 ex: 108

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