Making your home a happier place!
Individual Therapy

Asking for help when trying to help yourself hasn't worked is a sign of strength not weakness.  Our therapists will help you identify and confront barriers to happiness and will find hope when it seems there is none.  Whether you struggle with depression, anxiety, dissatisfaction with life, or other personal difficulties we can help you find happiness.

Anger Management

Anger is not always something we have control over.  Our behaviors and decisions when we become angry  is not only controllable, but is our responsibilty to be in control of.  If your anger is ruining relationships, getting in the way of your happiness, or creating consequences that you are no longer willing to suffer, we can and will help.  We offer services for parents, individuals and teens who are ready to change their anger habits.  

Couples and Family Therapy

Sometimes the ones we love the most are also the people that we find ourselves struggling with the most. Our therapists will help you explore your relationships and guide you in finding peace and love again.  


Addiction is not always understood.  We have come a long way since Bill W. gave the world steps and fellowship to help addicts.  Addiction affects the family espectially when it is your child you so desperately want to help.  We are experienced in and provide the most current and effective outpatient therapy. You are not alone and we will guide you in treatment or in making decision about what to do next. 


Parenting can be the most rewarding experience at times and the most thankless job other times.  You are not alone if you have found yourself without answers and  are confused as to why it seems no matter what you do as a parent it fails.  Whether you are parenting a child who is defiant, is using drugs, has become depressed, sruggles with ADHD, or is suffering from countless other difficulties we can help guide you back to feeling hopeful.  


Inspired Resolutions therapists have dedicated their practices, education, and research to helping teens.  It is our mission and our passion to join with our community in helping raise successful and happy teens.  Being a teenager is more complicated than ever.  We are experts in working with teens and we are dedicated to understanding todays issues from social media, drug use, motivational issues, metal health, suicide, defiance, navigating the school system, and teen legal issues.  

School Consultation and Advocacy

Therapist at Inspired Resolutions make a special effort to reach out to and walk alond side the local schools.  We are not only edicated to helping teens, but also join with the school system in providing help that is not otherwise available..  We understand the school system and continue to stay in touch with this ever changing system.  We understand and can help you navigate process such as IEPs, what happens when you get expelled, how to make decissions regarding alternative educational settings, and effectively working with school staff when crisis's arise.  

Court and Legal Issues

Unfortunately, some people find themselves struggling with the  legal system.  Whether your mental health or addiction issues have led to legal troubles or you find yourself in need of Family reunification, we are experienced in helping individuals and families navigate through these difficult times.  We can provide you with the documentation necessary to show the courts that you are addressing the issues that they require.  

Group Therapy

Often connecting with others who understand what you are going through is the key to successfully overcoming your struggles. Inspired Resolutions therpists provide groups that work.  Whether it be in addition to individual work or it is the only service you seek, groups are a powerful way to inspire change.  Inspired Resolutions even offers some free supoport groups to the local community.  We are dedicated to helping the community and understand that there is not enough support and help the issues that arise for families raising teenagers.  Ask us about available support groups.