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Relationship Basics

Whether it is your parenting relationship or a marriage or a friendship follow these relationship basics and you will see a difference in how you interact with people in your life and how they interact with you, especially your teens and twenty somethings. By just following these basics consistently there will be a significant change in your relationships and parenting influence.

  1. No yelling or cussing. Yelling and cussing is sure to put anyone’s defenses up and usually elicits the exact same reaction. Your children are affected greatly by the yelling and cussing that goes on in homes. You have more influence over your child by eliminating this than the greatest punishment or reward or lecture in the world.

  2. No put downs, insults, or name calling. This is important even if it is seemingly just and true.

  3. No damaging property. This means someone else’s property or your own. No throwing things and no behaviors that could result in property being damaged.

  4. No lying. Lying, manipulating, misleading, and faking ignorance all count as lying. It does not always seem important, but in the long run it often changes everything.

  5. No getting physical. This one seems obvious, but in the heat of the moment is not always easy to follow through. It is not just about no hitting, pushing, slapping etc… It is also about intimidating stances or demeanor, blocking someone, and threatening physicality.

  6. No Stalking. It is not okay to follow or stalk someone who is trying to get away from an argument. This is another form of physical aggression.

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